Amsoil ATF now Dexron VI and Mercon SP

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Amsoil ATF now Dexron VI and Mercon SP

Postby ogrady » 2007 Wed Jan 31, 9:53 am

UPDATE 2015: Amsoil went away from one fluid meets all specs to more specific fluids meeting more specific specifications as well as a few tiers of performance and different price points.
More info is here;

The lab testing of Amsoil's reformulated ATF has concluded and the results show the specification requirements for Dexron VI and Mercon SP have been exceeded.

Conventional wisdom expected as past articles in 'Lubes' n Greases' stated, there could be no way a fluid could meet both Dexron VI and Mercon SP at the same time as the viscosity spec was different, Mercon SP being the lighter viscosity fluid with it's upper limit viscosity being lower than the lower limit viscosity of the new Dexron VI specification.

With this background information in my head I phoned Amsoil technical services as to how this could be and I paraphrase this answer.

'The reformulated ATF exceeds the performance specifications of both Dexron VI and Mercon SP meaning the product exceeds the performance envelope of both the lighter Mercon SP specification even though the fluid has a somewhat higher viscosity than Mercon SP and the higher viscosity Dexron VI specification at the same time.'

Further, the reformulated Amsoil ATF meeting Mercon SP and Dexron VI started with batch code, 10189 and after. Batch code 10188 and below do not.
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