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Hydrotreated petroleum oil can now be legally called synthetic. Here are the emails sent to our subscribers explaining all about it. Start at MESSAGE ONE, then TWO etc..

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Postby ogrady » 2005 Wed Nov 02, 12:13 pm


Where were we? Right, European motor oil is special. It's special because the people in charge of motor oil specifications have a vested interest in other things than selling you as much oil as
In Europe, the vehicle manufacturers are in charge of motor oil specifications, not what we see here in North America where the vested interest by the people in charge of motor oil specifications have nothing to do with selling cars.

Can API Starburst certified synthetic motor oils safely last 15,000 miles (24,000km)?


They are not designed for it and are performance limited by the API.

Remember API starburst certified synthetic oil is performance restricted to meet API specifications which means these products are designed to a minimum performance as well as wear prevention performance specification, a specification currently met by regular API starburst certified petroleum oil.

European spec oils are not API 'Starburst' certified, they can't be as if they were they couldn't meet their own lofty specs!

If you are looking for the very best motor oil for your car and you see a Starburst symbol on the bottle, keep looking.

Look for European specifications, ACEA A3, ( not ACEA A3-98 ) for gasoline as well as European car manufacturer specifications, such as VW's 502 specification. Both of these specifications eliminate petroleum oils, even hydro-treated petroleum oils from contention.

Note, some Group III petroleums, (labeled as Synthetic in North America) meet ACEA A1-98 specs, (a 6 years old spec) but they won't mention A3 or VW 502 because they can't meet them.

More next week!

Drive safe!

Sean Aughey
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