Non toxic Antifreeze

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Non toxic Antifreeze

Postby ogrady » 2005 Thu Jan 06, 9:35 am

Do you have a dog or cat? Regular everyday automotive antifreeze is toxic, about a teaspoon of it is all that is needed to kill in excrusiating pain and even more cruel to your pet is that this stuff actually tastes sweet.

There is a perfectly viable alternative to this killer ethylene glycol antifreeze. It's propylene glycol based product. If this sounds familiar to you it should, propylene glycol is used most everywhere and is usually the second ingredient after water in all kinds of stuff that we put on our face, in our hair etc. Just take a look at your hand lotion or hair shampoo.

So why do we use ethylene glycol when such a small amount of it kills? Price, you pay less for the toxic ethylene glycol based antifreeze than the non-toxic stuff. So it's cheaper, does it perform any better? No, the two function similarily with the nod going to non-toxic propylene glycol for it's added cavitation protection, (a benefit for heavy-duty diesel engine owners).

It should be noted that vehicle antifreeze is a chemical mix and just like oil there is a range of performance capabilities between brands!

Amsoil has offered a non-toxic antifreeze for years now, I use it myself and have had zero issues over the years of use in my diesel pickup, 375,000km thus far.

Why this is in the new products area is that Amsoil has made significant advances in their formulation resulting in a product that significantly outperforms conventional antifreeze AND is non toxic. ... ?zo=323044

Are you still on the 3,000 mile oil change treadmill? Put some convenience in your life!
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