Amsoil Interceptor vs BRP XPS-2 Synthetic

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Amsoil Interceptor vs BRP XPS-2 Synthetic

Postby ogrady » 2012 Wed Dec 05, 8:53 pm

Way back in the 80's I worked as the lead tech at a BRP dealership. Even then BRP was 'promoting' their products shall we say, a little too aggressively. I was an import to this Ski-Doo dealership so my ear was twigged right away when the parts department told me you have to use Bombardier oil while the machine was in warranty.

"You Do NOT need to use any specific brand of oil for warranty compliance" I replied, and this was years before I became an Amsoil rep and I knew this to be the case then! I went on further, "AND to be a consideration for no warranty coverage by the OEM, the oil being used has to be the direct cause of the failure."

Skip forward quickly through the years when I now am making my living representing Amsoil. Every year while exhibiting at every snowmobile show I would hear this. The conversation would go something like this;
The concerned snowmobile owner has a new sled and the dealer has said this "blah blah", and now the manufacturers rep themselves has said the same thing, and it is this,

" I have to use BRP oil in my sled or I'll loose my warranty"

I would proceed to tell the customer that he was being lied to, the dealer likely doesn't know any different, but the manufacturer sure does! I'd tell him, "Go ask for a year supply of free oil. This is the ONLY way an OEM can legally require you to use their oil... NO Charge to you. See how fast they back down on their claim."

BRP was always the culprit here, not Polaris, not Yamaha, not Arctic Cat, just Ski-Doo. I have no issues with a company buying oil from an oil manufacturer and having their name put on the bottle. Remember, BRP DOES NOT make their own oil, they also ARE NOT oil experts at the level of an Oil Manufacturer. They're Oil Manufacturer's Customers... big customers yes, but customers just the same.

Now BRP goes and does this...

Two seasons ago a colleague was exhibiting at a regional snowmobile show and what does he spot? A large 6' high banner saying Amsoil and another companies oil caused the engine damage showing on the banner, ( a grenaded Rotax engine).

Pictures were taken and submitted and BRP is as I understand from the grapevine... is being sued. BRP will pay some $$ for this silliness for sure, what bothers me about this 'flamboyant disregard for the law' is the BRP customer, who 99% of the time they believe their dealer when they say; "you must use BRP oil through out your warranty or you can loose, (I've also heard... you WILL loose) your warranty...".

When a BRP factory rep say it... it's a bold-faced lie. And unfortunately a few BRP reps have said it.

BRP know the truth and sometimes their not telling it. Oil companies have reminded BRP of this 'transgression' many times, I know Amsoil has, a couple years ago in fact. Now BRP has gone to the ultimate step of publicly trying to ruin oil company reputations by publicly slagging their products.

Therefore... it is of no surprise that the oil Amsoil has decided to compare its Interceptor synthetic 2 stroke oil to is BRP XPS-2 synthetic.
Amsoil has also tested the Amsoil High Performance Marine synthetic oil on the marine side. ( I'll be back with the LINK later.)

Back to the Snowmobile oil, Amsoil Interceptor vs BRP XPS-2 synthetic. From the results of the testing, we have qualified answers to a few questions.

Is BRP XPS-2 synthetic good oil?
Yes it is, a great oil I'd say.

Is BRP XPS-2 synthetic better than Amsoil Interceptor?
No it is not.

How much is BRP XPS-2 Synthetic? About $US45 a gallon is lowest I've come across.

How much is Amsoil Interceptor? Full retail price all day long. $US39.70, less by the box of 4 gallons
How much if you're an Amsoil preferred customer? $US30.60 $CAN32.85

All this 'Huffing and Puffing' to downright deception by BRP over the years has sold them a lot more oil than would have happened if their customers were told the truth. Additionally do know the entire BRP dealer network was also told this information for a few decades. What I have a problem with of course is that what BRP has been promoting for decades is a bold-faced lie. With the direct injection E-TEC BRP engines this, "must use our oil of else" "promoting" reached it's zenith.

Okay... time for some truth in advertising.

Here's the video of Amsoil Interceptor vs BRP XPS-2 synthetic comparison. ... aImEatPebQ

Here's the link for the printed report. ... -G3039.pdf

Warranty question and answer: Will using an oil not labelled BRP in a piece of equipment under BRP warranty change any warranty consideration from BRP?
No it won't. The first thing is to determine what caused the failure, if the oil caused the failure and it's not BRP product, this has nothing to do with BRP, then it's the oil manufacture that covers the claim, same as tires on a car, they're separate from the OEM that made the car, so unless the oil caused the failure, the oil used is irrelevant. If the oil you used was Amsoil, you are covered by Amsoil's warranty,

If you like what you see in the video and want to buy some Amsoil Interceptor at Preferred Customer price, here's the link;
If you don't care about the Preferred Customer Program and just want the oil..., here's the link; ... ?zo=323044

Excellent Sledding !!

Sean Aughey
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Re: Amsoil Interceptor vs BRP XPS-2 Synthetic

Postby ogrady » 2013 Mon Mar 18, 3:21 pm

Here is an actual picture, taken at an open to the public snowmobile show, of the depth that BRP will stoop in advertising their house brand XPS oil.
Here is an actual picture, taken at an open to the public snowmobile show, of the depth that BRP will stoop in advertising their house brand XPS oil
BRP-fail.JPG (169.39 KiB) Viewed 24248 times

There are multiple 'non-truths' in the wording of the BRP banner;

"While the aftermarket spends millions marketing their oils,
BRP invests millions engineering, testing and developing the best oil !

Major Aftermarket Oils Test Failed
(Including Amsoil, Blue Marble and others)

Failed Rotax Severe Duty Dyno Test
Don't trust your investment to aftermarket oils!"

Oh Really... this banner is saying Amsoil, Blue Marble and others are aftermarket oil ! BRP IS AFTERMARKET when it comes to oil. BRP DOES NOT MAKE OIL.
BRP SELLS the oil that BRP AS A CUSTOMER BUYS their oil from... PERIOD.

The notion suggested here in this banner is that Amsoil, Blue Marble and others throw together some generic oil and then spend millions advertising it!!
The notion suggested here in this banner is that BRP are the developers of the oil they sell... !!

Did BRP engineer their house brand oil? NO... This is what OIL Companies that actually make oil do. In this case, BRP XPS II synthetic oil I understand is bought from Castrol.

Did BRP test various formulations of Castrol oil? Of course they did, did BRP spent millions as BRP says they have? Since the beginning of time, I firmly believe they have. Did Castrol formulate oil product according to BRP requirements? Of course Castrol did.
The take away from all this is BRP is pushing well beyond its weight. Castrol made the BRP oil for them, BRP tested it and accepted the Castrol formulation to then be sold with BRP labelling on the bottles.
This entire procedure is called 'House Branding' and it happens all the time. Companies that actually know what they're doing in a specific area make a product for another company that can make money selling said product along side the products they make.

Then there is the suggestion that the 3 pictures of failed pistons match up to Amsoil, Blue Marble and others. I say suggestion here as the pictures are not identified as failures that happened with the 3 oils in question, of course, 'and others', you fill in the blank as though any oil other than BRP oil will cause the failure seen in these pictures.

This whole banner is 'garbage advertising' in my opinion.
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