2007 EGR Diesel Engines

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2007 EGR Diesel Engines

Postby ogrady » 2007 Tue Mar 13, 1:12 pm

It has come to my attention that many service people are not up to speed on the latest changes in diesel engines and the special requirements that they bring to the table. And if service people aren't fully knowledgeable, where do vehicle owners stand?

As the owner / operator of a 2007 spec EGR diesel engine, there are three things you need to know.

1) You MUST use ULSD, (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) 15 ppm max sulfur diesel fuel.
A half tank of LSD, (Low Sulfur Diesel) will not kill you engine immediately if it's the only fuel available in an emergency, just use ULSD as soon as you can.

2) You MUST use engine oil that is rated CJ-4, NO EXCEPTIONS

3) If you are going to additize your diesel fuel, and you WANT to do this, you MUST use a product that's certified by the EPA, (in the States) for use in ULSD. NO EXCEPTIONS

All this is to protect the diesel particulate filter from plugging. Diesel Particulate Filters, (DPF's) are expensive, as in thousands of $$ and they do plug surprisingly quickly when all the above are not followed.

If you have one of these vehicles, get in the habit of checking out the label on the filling station's pump. If you don't see a ULSD badge go elsewhere for your fuel, it has to be ULSD and right now as we're in transition, not all pumps have ULSD.

Amsoil has a real synthetic CJ-4 oil. This brings benefits that only PAO/Ester , (group 4/5) synthetic deliver.
http://oil-tech.com/amsoil-diesel-motor-oil.html is the link to more information on this oil.

Amsoil diesel fuel concentrate is EPA certified for ULSD. It has great benefits, one of them is acid neutralization at the moment of combustion extending oil and engine life. Another benefit is fuel economy improvement from exceptional cleaning ability. ULSD oxidizes faster than before meaning deposit formation in your fuel system.
http://oil-tech.com/amsoil-product/amso ... itives.php is the link for detailed info on why you WANT to use this product.
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