Amsoil has marine specific products for your boat

Boats and corrosion potential go hand in hand. Lubricants have to be designed to handle this.

Amsoil has marine specific products for your boat

Postby ogrady » 2005 Fri Jul 01, 12:06 pm

Amsoil has 10w-30 and 10w-40 synthetic four stroke marine motor oils exceeding NMMA FC-W specification requirements. The wear prevention capabilities of these two oils are well beyond several major OEM oils.
Here are the links to see some wear comparisons for yourself.



Amsoil also has 15w-40 Marine oil for HD diesel applications

In addition to marine specific four stroke engine oils, Amsoil also manufactures several two stroke marine spec motor oils. is the link for more information.

Marine gear boxes and lower legs need special corrosion control and wear protection in the event of water contamination. So what happens to your gearbox / lower leg if water contaminates the gear oil? Common sense says some parts are going to get damaged!

Amsoil Marine gear oil delivers about 50% additional wear protection over regular marine gear oils. And get this! Even when contaminated with 10% water Amsoil Marine gear oil looses NONE of it's protecting qualities.

Does the gear lube you currently use provide this water contamination protection?
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