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Harley Davidson motorcycle oil

Postby ogrady » 2005 Fri Jul 01, 11:50 am

H-D's are very hard on regular oil. If you are still using petroleum motorcycle oil you owe it to your ride and to yourself to use Amsoil's 20w-50 motorcycle oil.

The aftermarket H-D motorcycle shops I have as accounts promote Amsoil's motorcycle 20w-50 heavily. I am not one to exaggerate, quite the opposite, and neither are my accounts ready to put out their necks to get them chopped off if their recommendations are all fluff!

So, as I said, H-D's can churn regular motorcycle oil, including their own, into something close to water within 2000 miles. This is your oil, broken down. Wear protection has gone out the window, your engine is not happy, it's running hot, rough and mechanically it's noisy.

When you put Amsoil motorcycle oil into your bike, your engine will immediately run cooler, like 15-20 deg cooler, smoother and quieter and it will STAY that way. Amsoil does not get churned into the equivalent of water!
http://oil-tech.com/motorcycle-oil-comparison.php to see how this Amsoil stuff stacks up against competing motorcycle oils.

Second recommendation:
Put Amsoil 'Severe Gear' 75w-90 into the gearbox! One of my aftermarket shops told me of a VERY happy customer of theirs who was back some 2 hours after riding from their shop after an Amsoil engine and gearbox oil change, just to tell them how much better his bike was now running! This new H-D was factory filled with the Syn 3 stuff and the shop put the Amsoil product into this bike at the first oil change. The owner was ecstatic! His bike shifted noticeably easier, ran smoother, quieter and cooler.

http://www.amsoil.com/storefront/mcv.aspx?zo=323044 is the link for the 20w-50
http://www.amsoil.com/storefront/svg.aspx?zo=323044 is the link for the 75w-90 Severe Gear

To a man, every single person I have talked to who has tried Amsoil in his H-D loves it.

I have another shop that offers Amsoil to new potential Amsoil users. When asked why they should use Amsoil, the answer is this, "We'll give you your money back, and on top of that, buy you an oil change of whatever you want if you are not happy, you have to have a legitimate reason, but we'll stand behind our offer if you are not happy."

KNOW WHAT? Not a single person has been unhappy with his 'Amsoil experience', no one has taken them up on their offer.
Are you still on the 3,000 mile oil change treadmill? Put some convenience in your life!
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