Which Amsoil two-stroke oil is for me?

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Which Amsoil two-stroke oil is for me?

Postby ogrady » 2005 Wed Feb 02, 9:40 pm

If Amsoil's offering in the two stroke area were confusing enough for you before now with all the two strokes offerings changing totally you have good reason to be really confused!

For snowmobile use the first thing to determine is the answer to a couple of questions.

- Competition or recreational?
- Injected or pre-mix?
- Power valve or no power valve?

If you race, the oil for you is the Dominator product, https://www.amsoil.com/storefront/tdr.aspx?zo=323044 be it used as a pre-mix @ 50:1 or injected, whether you have a power valve engine or not. This stuff is amazing, it's ability to keep your engine friction under control and keep even the exhaust valve clean is superb provided that you have enough combustion heat. If you use this oil for trail riding you WILL have deposit build up on the exhaust valve(s).

If you don't race and you have a power valve engine, the Interceptor is your best choice. This oil does not require the extreme heat a racing engine develops to operate at its best. Interceptor oil will keep your engine superbly clean and wear under control. Use as an injector or 50:1 pre-mix. http://oil-tech.com/amsoil-product/amso ... ceptor.php

No power valve? Are you injected or pre-mix? Injected, then the Amsoil Synthetic Injector Oil or Interceptor is your choice. You don't need the power valve formulation offered in the Interceptor then the Amsoil Synthetic Injector is a great choice.
Expect exceptional cleanliness and again, a long lasting engine. http://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/m ... ?zo=323044

No power valve and running premix in recreational use. Here you have a choice of the Interceptor and the Amsoil Synthetic Injector mixed @ 50:1 as well as a purpose built pre-mix designed for 100:1 mix ratios. The 100:1 is called 'Saber Professional'. The advantage this oil has over the others is it's cost of operation. You are not compromising wear protection or cleanliness. https://www.amsoil.com/storefront/atp.aspx?zo=323044

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