Lost Mileage using ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel)

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Lost Mileage using ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel)

Postby ogrady » 2007 Mon Feb 05, 1:07 pm

Amsoil Diesel Fuel Concentrate increases Mack Truck fuel economy from 6.47 mpg to 7.14 mpg
Saves trucker $28 with every tank.

While exhibiting at a Canadian National Truck Show in October of 2006 a line haul operator approached me with this comment and question, “I lost 10% fuel economy this past July and it continues till now; do you have a product that might help recover some of this loss? I’ve used all the major’s fuel treatments and I’ve never seen a mileage gain in any of them, I use conditioner for the protection.

“How do you know you’d lost 10% fuel economy?” Answer, “I drive 1200 km, (750 miles) a day, 5 days a week, on the same route hauling the same trailers with the same load. My trips are so repeatable that I can see the mileage drop when it rains, or I’m driving in light snow or a head wind.” This fellow also revealed something I didn't know, back in July (2006), Chevron, his fuel supplier had not only reduced the sulfur content to under 15ppm, (ULSD), but they’d also decided to change from Summer to Winter fuel at the same time! Result, a major hit in fuel economy.

This explained the loss in fuel economy I’d seen with my own diesel pickup back in July as well. I gave this fellow a bottle of Amsoil diesel fuel concentrate and a bottle of Amsoil cetane boost with one request; that he report back to me what he found.

This line haul operator phoned back about a month later ecstatic with the results saying he’d been delayed in running the test, but he’d just been able to do so the other day.
Here’s the background;

Vehicle: 2000 Mack 400 ETEC
Distance traveled: 1200 km (750 miles)
Fuel: Chevron Winter grade ULSD.
(Operator reports he's always used well known brands of diesel fuel conditioners and has never seen any mileage gains)

Daily Fuel Consumption: 430 to 440 liters, (114 to 116 US Gallons) per day over the previous 2 months, that's 6.47 miles/US Gal

The very next trip consumption: 405 liters (107 US Gal) with a return to 430 ~ 440 liters per day over the next 3 days as half tank refills diluted the Amsoil fuel additives back to zero. I shipped this operator a case of the Diesel Fuel Concentrate and a case of the Cetane Boost and yes, he paid for them.

FINAL RESULTS - after 6 months of useage
Daily Fuel Consumption: 395 to 397 liters, (105 US Gal) per day, or 7.14 miles/US Gal

This is an 8.3% to 11.4% increase in fuel economy with the average being 9.8%.
The spread in consumption has also tightened matching what Amsoil describes as, ‘compensates for the variances in quality of different fuels’. Understated a little me thinks.

Other changes? This operator reports his Mack runs MUCH smoother and the engine is noticeably quieter. He reports, ‘He can’t believe how much better his truck runs’, (remember he’s always been a fuel conditioner user, just not an Amsoil fuel conditioner user)

Is this operator happy? OH YES! He’s calculated he’ll SAVE $8,000 (fuel saved - cost of Amsoil product used) over the year, money that goes right into his pocket, and as he puts it; ‘I’LL SPEND $12 TO SAVE $40 ANYDAY!!’

http://oil-tech.com/amsoil-product/amso ... itives.php for more info
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