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Hydrotreated petroleum oil can now be legally called synthetic. Here are the emails sent to our subscribers explaining all about it. Start at MESSAGE ONE, then TWO etc..

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Are you still thinking regular North American oil is pretty good?

Pretty good is a relative thing for sure, relative to what?
Compared to the past yes, but what about European oil? Well, what would you say to an oil change every two years!

Read on...
Wrap your head around this!

- David McFall, Oct 2004 issue of 'Lubes-n-Greases'

There are virtually no quick lube outlets in Europe;
Do-It-For-Me oil changes are done by authorized garages or dealers.

Unlike the United States, where a customer can drive into a quick lube for an oil change without an appointment and be finished within 30 minutes at a basic price of about $30, European oil changes, tied tightly to the vehicle's overall maintenance schedule, usually require a customer to make an appointment and invest half a day to get the work done.

The price will approach $100 using ACEA A3 oils at Euro 7 to Euro 8 a liter, and up to twice that for "top tier, high-tech" oil.

Longer European drain intervals and less average annual driving (about 9,000 miles per year, versus about 50 percent more than that in the United States) means that an oil change and maintenance is usually not needed more than once a year, and in many cases only once every two years (although at least one "top off" may be required).

"For diesel engines, which are approaching 50 percent of the new vehicle market and have a recommended oil change with the Opel/GM Oil Life System every 30,000 miles," notes Reinhard Buetehorn of Opel Powertrain, "a two-year drain interval is the benchmark within the main European OEMs."

Despite the lower cost of a quick-lube service in the United States, the cost for oil change customers is about even. U.S. quick lubes promote an oil change every 3,000 miles or three months, that is, four or even five times a year, for an annual tab of at least $120.

The European driver who changes once a year thus pays about the same - and with a two-year drain interval the cost/benefit analysis tilts decidedly in the European favor, even with the higher priced oil.

- David McFall


A 30,000 mile, 2 year oil drain interval on a diesel! Who would have 'thunk' it. My tongue is way in my cheek here as the very top tier oil and support filtration equipment is what we're all about here at, the big difference of course is that we do business on the North American continent where there is a totally different mind set developed from constant promotion by those who stand to gain from frequently dipping into your pocket while delivering you underperforming oil products.

The Amsoil oil products we handle have been delivering 25,000 mile annual oil drains for over 30 years.

Amsoil for North Americans, indeed is 'Worlds Apart'.

Drive safe!

Sean Aughey
Are you still on the 3,000 mile oil change treadmill? Put some convenience in your life!
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