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Hydrotreated petroleum oil can now be legally called synthetic. Here are the emails sent to our subscribers explaining all about it. Start at MESSAGE ONE, then TWO etc..

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Postby ogrady » 2005 Wed Nov 02, 12:17 pm


Last week we were talking about what's so special about European spec motor oils. For the end-user, that is you and me, the difference between an API Starburst certified motor oil, be it petroleum or 'Synthetic' and a non API Starburst approved HIGH quality motor oil is the convenience offered from a much longer oil drain interval, less wear by fact that the product is not zinc and phosphorus concentration restricted and overall the LOWEST cost of operation.

Back to North American ‘synthetic’ oil. Unless the container has words like PAO, ester, diester, or Group IV/V very likely it is a Group III hydrotreated petroleum.

Oil manufacturers don’t have to disclose that they are using Group III petroleum base stock in their ‘synthetic’ oil, now and they don’t.

To review,
An easy way to know you are looking at a true synthetic, which is a group IV / V basestock product is to look for the European ACEA A3, ( Not ACEA A3-98, a 6 year old spec) AND the VW 502 specification on the bottle.

Oil that meets these specifications are good for 24,000km oil drain intervals (this is part of the A3 specification).

This separates the ‘wheat from the chaff’ as motor oils go and will separate a proper, truly 'top shelf' synthetic from a quasi synthetic that just meets minimum API specifications.

So what motor oils in North America are truly European top shelf motor oils? There are only a hand full. The product line that we handle is sold around the world and is one such contender.

It is not watered down for North America or spruced up for Europe.

Yes, our synthetic oil offering exceeds the specifications for the European market, is European certified and is for sale there.

So, with European oil drain intervals etched into your head, know this line of product has 30 years of experience, (more than anyone else) offering recommended 25,000 mile (40,000km) oil drain intervals fully backed by manufacturer warranty.

This company also offers a 0w-30 motor oil for gas engine use that is certified for up to 35,000 miles, (55,000km) drain intervals, has proven itself to lower engine wear rate to levels simply untouchable by conventional petroleum, Group III hydro-treated petroleum, (quasi synthetic) and even other Group IV/V synthetic motor oils.

Billions of miles and 3 decades of use by thousands of customers are proof backing this level of performance.

The really 'COOL' part of all this?

Your engine wear is NOT compromised with these long oil drains, fleet field testing proved this decades ago. The product we market provides lower engine wear than even if you changed your oil all the time, like every 3,000 miles.

The bottom line?

This is motor oil's equivalent of 'having your cake AND eating it too'.

- Maximum Convenience

- Lowest cost of operation

- Maximum engine life is our link to this line of superb performance, quality first motor oils.

This ends my soap box speech on North American motor oil. I hope you come away with good background knowledge to make informed decisions about the motor oil you buy.

You now know that many oil companies are out to increase their profits without concern to offering you, their customer, the highest quality they can muster with reasonable profit to them.

These companies have consciously kept the price of their product the same and have reduced it's performance.


Seems great minds think alike! (grin)

Just as I finished composing this newsletter a very expansivemotor oil performance test commissioned by Amsoil and conducted by a noted independent oil analysis laboratory eliminating any conflict of interest concerns as well as any possible legal saber rattling by competing oil companies clearly shows some petroleum motor oils outperforming these new so-called 'synthetic' motor oils, reinforcing one of my main topics in this newsletter, and reinforcing what I've told my customers for years; 'Just because it's synthetic, doesn't mean it's any good'.

And here's the ultimate 'kick in the pants' for some of these 'synthetics' motor oils!

Too many of them are being out-performed by petroleum product from the SAME company!

Here's the proof.

Drive safe!

Sean Aughey

P.S. So do you still think 'synthetic' gear oils are synthetic?

P.P.S. And what about 'synthetic' ATF?
Are you still on the 3,000 mile oil change treadmill? Put some convenience in your life!
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