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Hydrotreated petroleum oil can now be legally called synthetic. Here are the emails sent to our subscribers explaining all about it. Start at MESSAGE ONE, then TWO etc..

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Postby ogrady » 2005 Wed Nov 02, 11:57 am

Are you an expert on motor oil yet? I'll bet your well on your way!

Getting right back to hydrotreated petroleum motor oil...

So now we have Group III, (hydrotreated petroleum) and Group IV (PAO, diester, ester etc.) base stocks legally allowed to be lumped together and now be called synthetic. Just so you know, this ruling legaly applies to the United States.

The rest of the world still separates hydrotreated petroleum, Group III from Group IV. In Canada this is a head scratcher as oil manufactured in the States and selling in Canada will have Group III labeled as synthetic, while Canadian manufactured product is labeled as 'Hydrotreated Petroleum'!

The result of all this is that companies are using Group III base stock in place of the Group IV base stock in their synthetic labeled product. Has the price gone down? After all Group III is less expensive to produce than Group IV. Right?

No it hasn't has it?

This means the public that has been buying a Group IV synthetic now is buying a degraded performance level Group III product, and unless they know different, they are totally unaware of the change!

Some oil companies have made a conscious decision to not water down their product and advertise their synthetic oil products as 'PAO Based' to note the truly superior performance levels their products achieve. Note, a product called a 'True' synthetic doesn't mean it is a Group IV either, it could just as easily be a Group III hydrotreated petroleum product.

Which brings me to why top level synthetics are NOT API approved.

Huh?! Sounds like there is something wrong with them doesn't it?

More next week!

Drive safe!

Sean Aughey
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