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Hydrotreated petroleum oil can now be legally called synthetic. Here are the emails sent to our subscribers explaining all about it. Start at MESSAGE ONE, then TWO etc..

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Postby ogrady » 2005 Wed Nov 02, 11:54 am


Where were we? Oh yes, petroleum oil is petroleum and synthetic is

Ever heard the word 'hydrotreated'? When I first heard that word
I thought it had to do with water! Maybe you did too? Turns out
water has nothing to do with hydrotreated oil and with your new
found knowledge you know this has to do with forcing hydrogen
into petroleum oil base stock to eliminate as much as possible,
sulfur and other less desirable components within the mix
generally called impurities.

For years hydrotreated oil was marketed as hydrotreated petroleum
oil. This family of product does have improved performance over
non-hydrotreated petroleum oil and it does command a higher price,
about 1/2 to 2/3rds the price of synthetic. Now the market place
has changed.

You remember when Castrol entered the synthetic motor oil market
here in North America with their "Syntec" motor oil product? Of
course you do.
TV ads, we still see them likely every week, promoting the Syntec
benefits over regular motor oil. And as the motoring public ate
up Castrol's TV advertising and went out and bought Castrol's
product, word on the inside came out that Castrol "Syntec" was
actually a hydrotreated petroleum oil selling at synthetic oil

Where am I going with this? To make a long story short Mobil 1
took Castrol to court over calling their "Syntec" synthetic. And
courts being courts, over a technicality, Castrol won!
So now Castrol legally has the right to call their product Synthetic.

Now, if one company can legally do this wouldn't you think that other companies would follow suit?


More next week!

Drive safe!

Sean Aughey
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