Ford 6.0l Turbo Diesel Drivability problems / solution

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Ford 6.0l Turbo Diesel Drivability problems / solution

Postby ogrady » 2005 Fri Jul 01, 9:55 am

I've just learned that the Ford Motor Company has released a service bulletin outlining the source and the solution to drivability problems this engine has. The new Ford 6.0l turbo diesel has driveability issues caused by the use of 40 weight, such as 15w-40 motor oil. The HEUI , (Hydraulic, Electronic, Unit, Injector) 's are 'sticking' with use of too thick for this engine, 40wt (15w-40) motor oil. The engines stall, and generally acts up, running fine, but other times not. Ford's bulletin states these engines need 10w-30 CI-4+ ( CI-4plus ) oil.
There are very few 10w-30 CI-4+ oils on the market, Amsoil has one, the ACD straight grade 30 wt that has been around for decades has now been shoved into the spot light with Ford's requirement of lighter weight, and yet, heavy-duty 10w-30 motor oil. Yes, this straight grade 30 wt exceeds the cold viscosity rating for multigrade 10w-30 and so is now rated and called 10w-30 / 30wt.

A local Ford dealership service manager upon learning of this product almost knelt on the floor as he exclaimed, "This is going to solve all of our problems!"
This dealership is having headaches getting supply of the Ford Motorcraft CI-4plus product and a lot of the time didn't have a 10w-30 CI 4+ in stock.
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