SUV, Pickup and Mini-Van oil? Give me a break!

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SUV, Pickup and Mini-Van oil? Give me a break!

Postby ogrady » 2005 Fri Mar 11, 11:19 pm

It's on, the marketer's race amongst the oil companies is on. Valvoline was highly successful marketing their 'Maxlife', -oil for high-mileage engines, now we have oil companies with specific oils for everything from soup to nuts, like 'SUV, Pickups and Mini-Van' oil.

Why do we have this sillyness? Marketing. The oil companies have found that end-users identify with the application, not existing oil specifications or the performance capabilities of the oil product.

I can only roll my eyes as more and more of this silly marketing hits the TV, print and radio.

Oh, this regular performing oil with minor blending differences is commanding higher prices, what a surprise, NOT!
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