How much lubricant is in a barrel of crude oil?

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How much lubricant is in a barrel of crude oil?

Postby ogrady » 2013 Sat Sep 21, 2:01 pm

We know that the real money is in fuel, not lubricant produced from crude oil, the question is just how much out of a barrel of crude oil is lubricant?

I was in shock when I read this, so I thought I would share this info!

From the US Department of Energy published in the 2013 August issue of the "Lubricants Industry Factbook", (supplement to the August issue of the Lube'n'Greases magazine) is this;
From 45US Gallons of finished product derived from 42US Gallons of raw crude, 0.4 gallons of it is a lubricant product!!

Wow!! More facts:
19.0 gal is gasoline
12.1 gal is diesel/home heating oil
3.9 gal is kerosene (jet fuel)
2.3 gal is coke
1.8 gal is still gas
1.7 gal is liquefied refinery gases
1.4 gal is heavy residual fuel oils
1.0 gal is asphalt and road oil
0.8 gal is petrochemical feedstocks
0.4 gal is lubricants
0.4 gal is other

Look at just how much is fuel for transportation, something like 35 gals out of every 45 gals is gasoline, diesel or jet fuel, (some of that is to home heating oil) !!
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