New - Price sensitive Amsoil 2-Stroke Injector Oil

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New - Price sensitive Amsoil 2-Stroke Injector Oil

Postby ogrady » 2013 Tue Sep 17, 12:07 pm

For price sensitive customers - For all two-stroke recreational equipment requiring specifications NMMA TC-W3 and API TC two-stroke oil. This Amsoil stock number AIO product is a year-round usage product pointed directly at recreational personal water craft in Summer and snowmobile use in Winter.

The intention of this product is for retailers to stock one product for year-round use clearing up space where 2 products were needed before. Added to this shelving benefit is the fact that this product is less costly than specific use products, such as Amsoil Interceptor and Amsoil HP Marine 2-Stroke oil saving money for those customers who are price sensitive and feel their equipment doesn't need the very highest tier of lubricant performance as they're recreational uses, not enthusiasts who tend to use their equipment to its limits. ... ?zo=323044
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