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Air AND Oil filtration takes a MAJOR step up in performance

PostPosted: 2005 Wed Nov 02, 12:53 pm
by ogrady
UPDATE, 2015; With the constant addition of more and more sku's Amsoil decided to not continue to build air filters. Sad day, these are truly superb air filters.

AMSOIL announces new premium, high efficiency oil filters utilizing nanofiber technology with a one year/25,000 mile service life guarantee.

Right, this is NOT a mis-print! Once per year / 25,000 mile OIL FILTER! ... ilters.htm

AMSOIL introduces new premium, high efficiency air filters utilizing nanofiber technology. These air filters come with a four year/100,000 mile service life guarantee.

In lab testing Ea media with nanofibers removed 5 times more dust than the average cellulose filter and 50 times more dust than the average wet gauze media.