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Amsoil releases two new motorcycle oils

PostPosted: 2005 Tue Apr 05, 10:22 pm
by ogrady
I heard about this a couple of weeks ago but held on tight until I knew for sure. Well now I'm sure. Amsoil has just released two 4 stroke motorcycle oils on top of the existing AMF 10w-40 and the AMV 20w-50. No word yet on whether the four oils will co-exist or whether these two new products will replace the existing.

The performance of these two new oils is impressive.

In true Amsoil fashion a multitude of competing oils are compared giving those who want to chose the best oil for their money the opportunity to choose based on performance alone, not by the hype generated by those with the most money to spend in their advertising budgets.

Lots of info here and even more on the Amsoil site, just click the link from these pages below.